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ClearRead CT Compare extends Detect by automatically matching nodules found in a current exam to the same nodule in a prior exam, enabling efficient visual and volumetric comparisons. The image to the right includes the current exam on the left and the prior exam on the right. The image chips at the bottom provide a close-up view of the individual finding, along with extracted measurements.

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ClearRead CT aided radiologists perform nodule search 26% faster and detect 29% of previously missed actionable nodules.*

Simple integration, implementation and analysis

Simple installation

Enterprise wide capability powered by acquisition normalization technology that allows “plug in” capability across all CT manufacturers and diverse imaging protocols.


High throughput, scalable, computation with “off the shelf” hardware, including virtual machine deployments.

Easier detection

Aids the radiologist in seeing and characterizing solid, part-solid and ground glass nodules.


Measurement of changes in nodule properties, including volume and volume doubling time, across the patients prior and current exams.


Computer-Aided Detection of Lung Nodules on CT With a Computerized Pulmonary Vessel Suppressed Function, ShihChung B. Lo, Matthew T. Freedman, Laura B. Gillis, Charles S. White, and Seong K. Mun, American Journal of Roentgenology 2018 210:3, 480-488.