ClearRead™ Xray Pneumothorax

Early detection of pneumothorax is vital to this life-threatening emergency. However, pneumothorax can be easily disguised due to its curved contour, patient positioning, and low contrast.

ClearRead XrayPneumothorax provides a triage notification in cases with suspected pneumothorax. 

In an independent third party clinical trial with over 1100 studies, the sensitivity and specificity of ClearRead Xray Pneumothorax performed robustly, even in the presence of 10 common co-morbidities and on six different manufacturers' devices.*


  • Triage notification for potential pneumothorax cases 5mm or larger.
  • 1100+ case evaluation across 7 manufacturers with 10 co-morbidities present.
  • Works on all upright and portable devices.
  • Seamless PACS integration eliminates the need for a separate application viewer or additional logins.
  • Performs well in the presence of common co-morbidities including pleural effusion, atelectasis, lung opacities, pneumonia, and edema.
  • FDA-Cleared/CE Mark

* FDA Clinical Performance Testing Summary, FDA 510k No. K213566. 

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