ClearRead Xray | Confirm

ClearRead Xray Confirm is software that identifies and highlights lines and tubes on portable chest X-ray images while maintaining excellent image quality. Since diagnostic quality is preserved, radiologists can minimize imaging adjustments and decrease reading time. With Confirm, radiologists reduced portable reading time by approximately 19% without compromising accuracy or confidence.

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ClearRead Xray Confirm aided radiologists read 19% faster.*


For Radiologists

  • Enables radiologists to precisely identify line and tube placements.
  • Minimizes or eliminates image adjustments such as window and leveling.
  • Results in increased workflow efficiencies of 19% or more.
  • Images automatically added to patient files.

For Patients

  • Line and tube placements verified quickly for better health outcomes.
  • No additional radiation dose or exposure needed.

For Administrators

  • Empowers the PICC team to confirm line placements without long waits for imaging results.
  • Seamless integration with existing PACS system—no new equipment required.
  • Works on all portable devices within your facility.
  • Results in increased workflow efficiencies for both the radiologists and the PICC team.

Riverain Technologies ClearRead Confirm FDA 510(k) Reader Study Results, 2012.