ClearRead Xray | Detect

ClearRead Xray | Detect™ is an advanced computer-aided detection (CAD) technology that identifies areas on a chest X-ray that may be early-stage lung cancer. The newest FDA approved version offers superior marking capabilities with an improved 75% reduction in false positives and improvement in sensitivity.


ClearRead Xray Detect allows radiologists to detect lung cancer up to 18 months sooner.*


For Radiologists

  • Improved detection of 9-30mm nodules.
  • Detection of 1 in 2 previously missed lung nodules.
  • Marker scales to nodule size without obscuring the boundary.
  • Detect lung cancer up to 18 month sooner.

For Patients

  • More accurate detection greatly reduces false positives.
  • High-sensitivity technology to detect lung cancer earlier and allow treatment sooner.

For Administrators

  • Universal PACS connectivity for quick, seamless installation.
  • Uses existing chest X-rays, with no additional hardware.
  • Automatic CAD marker display on existing workstations for efficient workflow.

Performance of a Next Generation Computer-Aided Detection Algorithm for the detection of overlooked lung cancers on Chest Radiographs. RSNA 2013. Gilkeson, Robert C., Frolkis, Calen.