Seamless Workflow

ClearRead CT provides a seamless workflow through use of DICOM standards, advanced routing capability, and DICOM filtering tools that allow specific exams, devices or patient demographics to be selectively processed or rejected.

ClearRead software can be installed on a stand-alone server, delivered by Riverain, or installed on a virtual machine (VM) using institutional server hardware. Once installed and deployed on the hospital network, DICOM data is received and selectively processed, according to site established protocols, and routed to the existing PACs archive. The ClearRead content is read on the institutions existing PACS review station where all standard PACS review station image manipulation tools are available for ClearRead content. Content can be routed directly from the acquisition device through a parallel push process or routed from the PACS to the ClearRead server once the native content is received at the PACS.

To maintain throughput, ClearRead incorporates highly efficient computational models based on state of the art low level math libraries. Advanced image normalization tools provide the capability to rapidlyscale across different acquisition devices, on site or remote. Although high volume centers throughput is typically handled adequately by a single four core, intel processing unit based on a built in queuing and prioritization process, further scalability is easily achieved. For highly demanding throughput with high case volume, ClearRead has a built-in load balancing software capable of leveraging multiple virtual machines (VMs) as necessary.All routing, processing and delivery is automated to ensure ClearRead content is available to clinician without any reading delay.

ClearRead content is read on institutions existing PACS review station, eliminating the need for costly dedicated workstations and disjoint workflows. Desired reading, hanging protocols are easily realized based on flexible tools.