SimonMed Deploys ClearRead CT Enterprise Wide

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SimonMed Deploys ClearRead CT Enterprise Wide

Dayton, Ohio – August 28, 2018 – SimonMed Imaging, one of the largest outpatient physician radiology groups in the United States, has selected Riverain Technologies’ advanced AI application, ClearRead CT, to further enhance its growing lung cancer screening program. ClearRead CT employs a patented vessel suppression technology and was the first FDA cleared radiological device approved for all nodule types, including part-solid and ground glass. ClearRead CT is proven to improve both nodule detection accuracy and nodule search efficiency, has studies published in multiple peer review journals, and is in daily use at several leading healthcare institutions.

ClearRead CT was successfully integrated and demonstrated as part of an extensive trial at SimonMed. The SimonMed enterprise consists of a distributed, multi-center, network with high exam volumes.

“SimonMed is extremely pleased to be working with Riverain Technologies, a pioneer in using AI for better detection and characterization of lung lesions allowing for more reliable diagnosis and treatment,” said Dr. John Simon, CEO of SimonMed. “SimonMed has always been on the forefront of technology and recognizes that AI is critical to the future of radiology as we continue to drive toward better patient outcomes.”

“We are thrilled that SimonMed chose Riverain’s ClearRead CT to enhance their lung cancer screening program, and are honored to be working with such a talented group of radiologists,” said Steve Worrell, CEO of Riverain Technologies. “We look forward to our continued relationship with them as we further improve ClearRead CT and develop new applications in radiology.”

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