Discover the Diagnostic Value & Efficiency of ClearRead™ CT for Pulmonary Nodules

ClearRead CT with Clear Vision IntelligenceTM has a unique suppression feature that removes vessels and machine noise for an unimpaired view to improve detection of missed nodules by 29% and 26% faster reads.*

  • FDA approved for concurrent reading, allowing the clinician to view the ClearRead series and the original series simultaneously, resulting in faster reads.
  • Designed for all nodule types: solid, part-solid and ground glass.
  • Easily and quickly make informed decisions about regions of interest with automatic detection, segmentation and measurement of nodules.
  • Automatically match and view differential measurements of nodules found in a current exam to the same nodule in a prior exam to compare change for a workflow-friendly comparison that allows clinicians to make informed decisions about regions of interest.
  • Seamless PACS integration allows readers to view ClearRead as an additional series in the patient study without the need for a separate application viewer or login to read studies quickly and intuitively for speed and accuracy.

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* Lo, S. B., Freedman, M. T., Gillis, L. B., White, C. S., & Mun, S. K. (2018). JOURNAL CLUB: Computer-Aided Detection of Lung Nodules on CT With a Computerized Pulmonary Vessel Suppressed Function. American Journal of Roentgenology, 210(3), 480–488. doi: 10.2214/ajr.17.18718.