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ClearRead +Confirm is software that identifies and highlights lines and tubes on portable chest X-ray images while maintaining excellent image quality. Since diagnostic quality is preserved, radiologists can minimize imaging adjustments and decrease reading time. With ClearRead +Confirm, radiologists reduced portable reading time by approximately 19% without compromising accuracy or confidence.

Interactive Product Demo

  1. Click and drag the blue handle to the right to reveal the +Confirm enhanced X-ray image.
  2. Or, click on "Show +Confirm Image" text link to automate the reveal.
  3. To begin, click the X in the upper-right hand corner to close this dialog.

For radiologists:
  • Enables radiologists to precisely identify line and tube placements
  • Minimizes or eliminates image adjustments such as window and leveling
  • Results in increased workflow efficiencies of 19% or more
  • Images automatically added to patient files
For administrators:
  • Empowers the PICC team to confirm line placements without long waits for imaging results
  • Seamless integration with existing PACS system—no new equipment required
  • Works on all portable devices within your facility
  • Results in increased workflow efficiencies for both the radiologists and the PICC team
For patients:
  • Line and tube placements verified quickly for better health outcomes
  • No additional radiation dose or exposure needed

Q. What is ClearRead +Confirm?
A: Riverain’s ClearRead +Confirm is a software solution that enhances lines and tubes on portable chest X-rays, minimizing the need for image adjustments and decreasing reading times.

Q: What is the clinical benefit?
A: A reader study conducted for the ClearRead +Confirm FDA 510(k) submission concluded that with the use of ClearRead +Confirm, radiologists were able to decrease reading time by 19%, without compromising accuracy or confidence.

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Improve the diagnostic quality of every portable chest x-ray exam in your enterprise and read faster using Riverain Technologies' proven solutions.

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