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A Fundamentally Different Approach through Clinical AI

    Platform – Extensible, Scalable, Software Architecture

    Adaptive Image Normalization – Robust, Turn-key, Future Proof, Enterprise Ready Solutions in the Cloud or in the Clinic

    Model Driven AI – Deep neural networks augmented with accurate disease simulation


Easily Installed on Institution’s Existing Server Hardware, Read on Existing Workstations and Supports a Seamless, Enterprise-Wide Workflow.

ClearRead CT is Riverain’s transformative, concurrent read AI product built off of the patent pending ClearRead CT | Vessel Suppress software. ClearRead CT provides a vessel suppressed CT series while automatically detecting and measuring critical properties of solid, sub-solid and ground glass nodules.

ClearRead CT is comprised of two powerful tools, ClearRead CT | Vessel Suppress and ClearRead CT | Detect. Deep learning enables the vessel suppression technology to assist both machine and humans in the detection and characterization of all primary nodule types, allowing for previously unattained nodule detection performance.

ClearRead CT, powered by acquisition normalization technology, provides an enterprise ready solution for the entire healthcare network. The technology seamlessly processes CT scans from a wide range of manufacturers and acquisition protocols and quickly installs into the clinical environment without the need for new hardware or customized tuning to specific devices or protocols

ClearRead CT is the first FDA cleared device to support concurrent reading, allowing for faster reading with proven superior automatic nodule detection performance for all primary nodule types, including: solid, sub-solid and ground glass nodules.

ClearRead CT was evaluated in a multi-reader, multi-case clinical trial and showed radiologists achieved a 29% reduction in missed actionable nodules, while reducing reading time by 26%.


ClearRead Xray features Riverain’s ClearRead Xray | Bone Suppress AI software that transforms a chest Xray into a soft tissue image, providing unprecedented clarity.

Riverain’s ClearRead X-ray provides clinicians with the tools to get the most out of the most commonly performed imaging exam, the chest X-ray. The ClearRead X-ray aids clinicians by optimizing the chest X-ray and removing obscuring structures, allowing clinicians to see the whole picture. The ClearRead X-ray Suite consists of the four following applications.

ClearRead Bone Suppress removes ribs and clavicles from a standard chest X-ray, providing a soft tissue image, allowing clinicians to see more and detect more, sooner.

ClearRead Confirm optimizes the chest X-ray, accentuates lines and tubes on portable chest X-ray images, allowing clinicians to minimize image adjustments and reduce reading time.

ClearRead Detect identifies regions-of-interest on the bone suppressed soft tissue image that may warrant further investigation by the clinician.

ClearRead Compare is an image registration and enhancement application that accentuates interval change between current and prior chest X-ray exams by forming a subtraction image.



Technology to Aid In Efficient, Early Detection of Lung Disease

Riverain Technologies is dedicated to providing software tools to aid the clinician in the efficient, effective early detection of lung disease. With Riverain’s ClearRead applications, clinicians are able to see more and detect more, faster and more effectively across the entire enterprise.

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