AI imaging solutions for the early,
efficient detection of lung disease.

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The ClearRead™ suite aims to aid the more arduous medical interpretation tasks, including a systematic, thorough investigation of each voxel so that radiologists can focus on actual clinical decision making and improving their patients’ lives.

ClearRead significantly improves a clinician’s ability to accurately and efficiently detect disease – suppressing vessels in thoracic CT and bone structures in chest X-ray images – for earlier, more efficient detection of lung abnormalities. Powered by the most advanced machine learning and modeling methods available to the medical imaging market, the patented, FDA-cleared, CE marked software tools are deployable in the clinic or the Cloud.

ClearRead CT ClearRead CT before and after

ClearRead CT is the first FDA-cleared device to support concurrent reading, allowing for faster reading with proven, superior, automatic nodule detection performance for all nodule types, including solid, sub-solid and ground-glass nodules.

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ClearRead Xray Xray before and after

ClearRead Xray platform is comprised of four FDA-cleared applications designed to improve reading efficiency and accuracy across the hospital enterprise without requiring additional hardware. The solutions optimize the diagnostic value of all portable and upright images.

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Machine learning technology

Machine (deep) learning: for optimized content, workflow, and results. Model-driven AI: deep neural networks augmented with accurate disease simulation.


Image processing technology

Optimized image content and image harmonization. Adaptive image normalization: robust, turn-key, future proof, enterprise-ready solutions in the Cloud or in the clinic.


Software technology and architectures

Riverain solutions use off the shelf hardware while providing seamless scalability and extensibility.

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