Duke University Hospital Adopts Riverain Technologies’ ClearRead Applications

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Duke University Hospital Adopts Riverain Technologies’ ClearRead Applications

DAYTON, Ohio – November 11, 2014 – Duke University Hospital has adopted Riverain’s ClearRead
Bone Suppression, ClearRead +Detect, and ClearRead +Confirm software products as a way to extend the diagnostic potential of the world’s most commonly performed imaging procedure, the chest x-ray.

ClearRead technology helps radiologists detect lung nodules and other serious medical conditions by
transforming a traditional chest x-ray into a soft tissue image without the ribs and clavicle bones. These
structures commonly obscure abnormalities. There are no additional tests or radiation exposure for
patients, and no imaging machines or hardware for the hospital to buy or house to achieve the soft tissue

As a part of their mission to provide “compassionate and state-of-the-art radiologic care and service to
their patients and referring physicians,” Duke University Hospital has adopted this technology as a part of their comprehensive lung disease program.

“The ClearRead Bone Suppression technology allows us to get more out of our existing chest
radiographs, without additional time or risk to the patient,” said Dr. Jared Christensen, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Division Chief of Cardiothoracic Imaging, and Director of the Duke Lung Screening Program. “The Riverain technology helps us make the correct diagnosis more quickly and confidently than ever before.”

With a greater emphasis on preventative care and earlier detection, sites across the globe see the
diagnostic potential in the ClearRead Suite.

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