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RSNA 2021

Partner Highlight: Volpara

Riverain Technologies’ ClearRead Xray offers four FDA-cleared applications designed to:  

  • Improve reading efficiency and accuracy across the enterprise with flexible deployment
  • Optimize the diagnostic value of all XR images – portable and upright
  • Improves nodule detection by 17%1 and decreases reading time by 19%2

ClearRead Xray Bone Suppress increases the visibility of soft tissue in standard chest XRs by suppressing the bone on the digital image without the need for two exposures. The bone-suppressed image helps radiologists to detect 1 out of 6 previously missed nodules.1

Artificial intelligence with real results.

With Volpara Lung, you can turn these results into trackable and valuable reporting and patient management functionality. 

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1. Freedman M, Lo B, Seibel J, and Bromley E. Improved detection of lung nodules with novel software that suppresses the rib and clavicle shadows on chest radiographs. Radiology. July 2011. 260, 265-273.

2. Riverain Technologies ClearRead Confirm FDA 510(k) Reader Study Results, 2012.

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