Riverain™ Technologies ClearRead™ CT vessel suppression technology demonstrates improved diagnostic accuracy and reading time for pulmonary metastasis

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Results indicate that vessel-suppressed CTs led to better nodule detection rates, higher inter-reader-agreement rates, and shorter average read times.

Miamisburg, Ohio; July 22, 2020. Riverain Technologies, a clinical artificial intelligence (AI) company, has announced that a team of Swiss researchers used the company’s ClearRead™ CT Vessel Suppress (VS) solution to study the impact of VS-CT on reading time and diagnostic accuracy in detection of pulmonary metastasis.

The research, published in Academic Radiology in February 2020, considered ClearRead CT vessel-suppressed (VS-CTs) reconstructions of contrast-enhanced CTs of 100 patients. Two sets of images were read by two groups of three radiologists, finding that VS-CTs had far greater nodule detection rates (+21%), higher inter-reader-agreement rates (k = 0.431 “moderate” vs. 0.209 “fair”), and shorter average read times (154 ± 134 vs. 194 ± 126) than using the SC-CT alone.

“The ClearRead CT vessel-suppressed images have proven to be beneficial in detecting hard-to-find lung nodules more quickly and efficiently,” said Prof. Thomas Frauenfelder, Professor of Radiology at the University Hospital of Zurich and a participating clinician in the study. “As the research indicates, vessel-suppression technology implemented as part of ClearRead CT allows us to read faster and more accurately, due in large part to the improved conspicuity of nodules in the vessel-suppressed series.”

“As the study indicates, ClearRead CT helps improve both nodule detection accuracy and reading efficiency,” said Steve Worrell, CEO at Riverain Technologies. “We are excited to see clinicians – like those who took part in this study – embrace ClearRead CT. We look forward to accelerating adoption and working with hospitals and clinicians to continue to improve patient outcomes.”

To read a Q&A with Professor Frauenfelder, visit riveraintech.com/vsvalue or call Riverain Technologies at 800.990.3387.

About Riverain Technologies:

Dedicated to the early detection of lung disease, Riverain believes the opportunities for machine learning and software solutions in healthcare are at an unprecedented level. Never before has the opportunity to ‘do more with less’ been so great. We believe that these software tools incorporate an increasing degree of intelligence that will facilitate decision making which leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness in patient outcomes. Riverain Technologies is excited to be part of the advances in machine learning and scalability of technology that will bring efficiency and accuracy to physicians and, ultimately, improved patient care. For more information, please visit riveraintech.com.

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