Riverain Issued U.S. Patents for Imaging Methods with Potential Benefits for Medical, Military and Travel Industries

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Riverain Issued U.S. Patents for Imaging Methods with Potential Benefits for Medical, Military and Travel Industries

DAYTON, Ohio – Sept. 24, 2012 – Riverain Technologies, an industry leader
and innovator in proprietary image processing and machine learning technologies,
announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has
awarded the company broad patents for its technologies, opening the door for the
company’s software to be used in wider health care applications and in other industries.
These two new patents not only protect Riverain’s novel chest X-ray technology, which
suppresses bone and calls out suspicious tissue, but also hold enormous promise for
the company to bring its breakthrough software to other medical applications, including;
CAT scans (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound.

Riverain has been issued U.S. Patent 8,204,292 for its methodology to selectively
remove unwanted objects, or features, within images. The technology is used in the
company’s premier software, ClearRead Bone Suppression™, which suppresses the
ribs and clavicles in a chest X-ray image resulting in the formation of a soft tissue image
of the chest. The application provides radiologists with a clearer, unobstructed view of
the chest to aid in early detection of lung disease, including lung cancer. Currently
employed in chest X-ray, a range of possible applications exist within other imaging
modalities including CT, MRI, positron emission tomography (PET), full field digital
mammography and tomosynthesis. For example, the methodology has been
successfully applied to remove and equalize the tissue in the pectoral muscle in a
mammography image.

Riverain’s patented feature suppression technology is ideal for use in a variety of
industries outside medical as well, including; military, travel, industrial and document
processing applications.

In addition, Riverain was issued U.S. Patent 8,160,335 for its proprietary ComputerAided
Diagnosis (CAD) methodology on software or hardware derived images, such as
dual energy subtracted soft tissue images and/or bone suppressed images. The
technology is used in the company’s ClearRead +Detect™ software, an application that
identifies and circles potentially cancerous lung nodules on a bone-suppressed chest Xray
image, and/or images captured by modalities such as dual energy subtraction
(DES). ClearRead +Detect has been clinically proven to improve the detection of 9-
30mm lung nodules and allow the detection of up to 1 in 2 previously missed lung

“These recently issued patents cover some of the methods and processes that give our
market-leading software solutions a distinct advantage,” said Steve Worrell, Riverain’s
Chief Technology Officer. “Riverain now has an intellectual property portfolio of more
than 15 issued or pending patents and welcomes inquiries regarding applications inside
and outside the medical field.”

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