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RSNA 2021

Partner Highlight: TeraRecon

To learn more about Riverain Technologies and ClearRead CT, please come visit us at Booth 4129 in the South Hall (at the corner of the AI Showcase). Can’t make it? There are resources at the top of this page, including a way to book time with us after the meeting.

Riverain Technologies ClearRead Suite integration into your TeraRecon workflow eliminates the need for costly dedicated workstations and disjointed workflows with swivel-chair fatigue. All while improving nodule detection relative to an unaided read and decreasing nodule search time.

Graphic: 29% fewer missed nodules
Image of nodule detected in CT scan

ClearRead sends processed images to your preferred hanging protocol, so any radiologist can get significantly better reads without changing workflow.

Whether ClearRead AI software is installed on a stand-alone server, delivered by Riverain, or installed on a virtual machine using institutional server hardware, our output is uncomplicated and easy to understand.

Just more insights in your familiar context. Give it a try!

Want to come learn more? The logo on the map below shows you where we’ll be in the South Hall.

Map of RSNA floor