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The ClearRead™ suite significantly improves a clinician’s ability to accurately and efficiently detect disease – suppressing vessels in thoracic CT and bone structures in chest X-ray images – for earlier, more efficient detection of lung abnormalities. Powered by the most advanced machine learning and modeling methods available to the medical imaging market, the patented, FDA-cleared, CE marked software tools are deployable in the clinic or the Cloud.

ClearRead CT is the first FDA-cleared device to support concurrent reading, allowing for faster reading with proven, superior, automatic nodule detection performance for all nodule types, including solid, sub-solid and ground-glass nodules.

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ClearRead Xray platform is comprised of four FDA-cleared applications designed to improve reading efficiency and accuracy across the hospital enterprise without requiring additional hardware. The solutions optimize the diagnostic value of all portable and upright images.

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ClearRead Dedicated to the early detection of lung disease. Our FDA and CE cleared ClearRead software improves the detection of lung diseases. Join us for a featured demonstration, and see why facili-ties like the University of Colorado, Duke University Health, LucidHealth, Einstein Healthcare Network, and the University Hospital of Zurich use ClearRead solutions.

Artificial Intelligence. Real Results. Professor Thomas Frauenfelder, MD, deputy director of diagnostic and interventional radiology at University Hospital Zurich (USZ), explains how ClearRead CT helped improve their reading performance. He will explain why USZ performed a study that quantified the efficiency and accuracy, along with critical observations about ClearRead.

AI in reading workflows: A primer for AI selection and implementation. Listen to a discussion with leading thoracic radiologists:

  • Jared Christensen, MD, MBA, Director, Duke Lung Cancer Screening Program
  • Peter Lafferty, MD, Chief of Physician Integration, LucidHealth
  • Terence Matalon, MD, Chair of Diagnostic Radiology, Einstein Health Network

They explain their experience using ClearRead, how AI can help improve patient outcomes and radiologist reading experience, and their thoughts on the future of AI in radiology.

Customer Presentations:

Lung Cancer Screening, Jared Christensen, MD, MBA

Medical Imaging and Population Health, Ella Kazerooni, MD


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