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Your Thoracic Imaging Solution

Riverain believes the opportunities for machine learning and software solutions in healthcare are at an unprecedented level. Never before has the opportunity to do more with less been so great. We believe software tools that incorporate increasing degrees of intelligence will facilitate decision making, leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare. Intelligent, scalable software solutions are making their mark on industries around the world; healthcare arguably, provides the greatest opportunity of all. Riverain is excited to provide leading, machine learning thoracic solutions as part of the healthcare revolution.

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Clinical Study Presentation

Topic: Effect of Artificial Intelligence Based Vessel Suppression and Automatic Detection of Part-Solid and Ground-Glass Nodules on Low Dose CT
Date: Tuesday, November 27th
Time: 11:00 – 11:10 pm
Location: McCormick Place, Room SSG03

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Machine Learning Presentation

Topic: Programming Clinical AI with Simulation
Date: Thursday, November 29th
Time: 11:00 – 11:20 pm
Location: Machine Learning Showcase, North Hall

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ClearRead CT

ClearRead CT provides faster and more accurate chest CT reading across the entire enterprise, supports the detection of all nodule types and seamlessly processes chest CTs across manufacturers and diverse imaging protocols.

ClearRead CT | Vessel Suppress provides an optimized nodule detection series without suffering the limitations of MIPs and MinIp processing

ClearRead CT | Detect provides previously unattainable detection performance and measurement precision while providing clinicians unprecedented clarity into the CAD’s decision making process.

ClearRead CT | Compare is a machine learning solution leveraging ClearRead CT | Detect to provide accurate, automated measurement and tracking of lung nodules between prior and current exams.

ClearRead Xray

Riverain’s ClearRead Xray provides clinicians with the tools to get the most out of the most commonly performed imaging exam, the chest Xray. The ClearRead Xray applications aid clinicians by optimizing the chest Xray by removing obscuring structures, allowing clinicians to see the whole picture, enterprise wide, without changes to existing imaging protocols. ClearRead Xray products consist of four applications.

ClearRead Xray | Bone Suppress is Riverain’s foundational Xray product, the first and only software solution for forming a true soft tissue image by removing posterior and anterior ribs along with clavicles on standard chest Xrays.

ClearRead Xray | Detect identifies regions-of-interest on the bone suppressed image to reduce oversight.

ClearRead Xray | Compare is an image registration application that accentuates interval change between current and prior chest Xray exams by forming a subtraction image.

ClearRead Xray | Confirm accentuates lines and tubes on portable chest Xray images, allowing clinicians to reduce reading time by minimizing image adjustments without sacrificing diagnostic quality.